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VJing goes on!

2009-08-19 17:56:11 by Gamps

I got a new Hobby


see one of my fist attempts

/* */
hope you like it!

My first reaaal Project!

2008-06-20 20:43:14 by Gamps

Hello and Good evening Newgrounders ^^

I don´t really know if someone reads this... but i would really be happy If someone does ^^

I´m working right now on my first REAL project.
But I don´t want to tell you too much (if someone is interrested)

It will be something that Newgrounds never saw ^^
I just looked over it.. I am SO proud of it... because its my first REAL IMPORTANT Flash movie!!
And I think it will be good!

See ya guys

and Thanks for the Attention ^^

Serwas Burschn und danke für die Aufmerksamkeit XD

My first reaaal Project!

Hey ho ^^

2008-06-05 12:30:24 by Gamps

I am here, and you are here, many people are here ^^

Hello my name is Gampa (Nickname, but maybe the one, most of all people know of me)
Why Gampa? It´s comes from my second Name, but that is noooot really important ^^

I know Newgrounds for a looooong time now, and somehow I did it to make a little animation for a Friends Birthday ^^ I´m very proud of it, but I know, I have to improve a LOT ^^

Thanks for the Attention and have a nice stay